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Hosted by Injy Abou El So'oud

A bi-weekly show that reviews the new and most hyped cinema releases across Egypt, letting viewers and cinema sbothai fans know what’s hot, and what’s not.

hosted by former Al-bernameg crew member, Injy Abou El So’oud, along with a crew of four behind the scenes.


Hosted by Injy Abou El So'oud & Sarrah Abdelrahman

A funny, sarcastic show that exploits very mistake, big or small, in the abundant Ramadan TV series.

It’s been airing during the month of Ramadan for two years in a row, hosted by the two talents Injy sbo Abou El So’oud and Sarrah Abdelrahman, with a guest appearance by Amr Hosny.


Fel Engaz

A new take on traditional cooking shows that showcases how to cook a quick, interesting, tasty dish or snack in almost no time, with little cooking experience needed that provides great value for money as well!

A new episode is released on the show’s Facebook page every Monday and Thursday.

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