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Before starting Writing: 5-Step Prep in order to make Essay Writing As Painless as you can

Several of maybe you are knowledgeable about the dread that accompanies the act of having an essay topic given to you. Nothing’s been written, nothing’s been looked at; all you’ve got is a subject, a blank page, while the instructions to “write.” As an old school that is high teacher, I’m convinced the anxiety of not knowing what to write is just why a lot of of my students wait until the final possible minute to publish an essay. Under some pressure, you have no choice but to get started. But by then, it is too late to create the essay that is best you could’ve written.

The answer is to soon start as as possible. Apply this five step prep process to your essay you write.


Any writing is progress. Make note of anything in regards to the topic you’ve been assigned, even you have about what the prompt means if it’s just questions. Make note of anything. Don’t censor yourself; just ensure you get your brain firing. If you’re visual, it is possible to draw pictures, symbols, or a rudimentary mind map (more on that below).

Exploratory Research

If you’re writing an investigation paper or anything requiring support to back up your points, do exploratory research. It will acquaint you aided by the topic and perhaps reveal ideas you’ve gotn’t thought of yet. Continue reading

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