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Simply looking at run-times doesn’t cut it. You cannot solve an equation that exceeds the time limit even if it is finite. buy a essay
Now put the two together. That is, all P problems are automatically NP (you can just re-solve the P problems to verify them). No P problem (or any computational problem for that matter) will be too slow to run for every input. (Even the halting problem can be practically solved for some small enough inputs.)P is defined as those decision problems that given an input of size n can be solved in time t(n), where ln(t(n)) is less than some constant for all n (roughly). Now some people will remember the practically zero setup costs ads by google which was a lie there is always a cost on anything you do time. The question is whether there are any NP problems that are not P problems.

It’s pretty trivial to see that if you’re given a P problem and a solution to it, you can just solve the problem and see if you get the same answer. Simply looking at run-times doesn’t cut it. Continue reading

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